About Me

As a child I remember creating a dolls hospital in my bedroom, where my broken toys were lovingly cared for – they were part of my imaginary orphanage. As I was growing up I wanted to run my own orphanage.  This aspiration was inspired by the film “Daddy Long Legs” which was initially set in an orphanage where one of the orphans, played by Leslie Caron,  looked after the younger children as they all sang and danced their way through each day. As I got older, my dream faded and I got lost in the highways and byways of life but I never lost my innate longing to make a positive difference in other peoples lives.

At the age of 28, I then became ill with ulcerative colitis – I was told that I would be on medication for the rest of my life.  I refused to accept this conclusion and asked one vital question “Has anyone ever got better and come off the medication?”  The answer was “Yes” and I then knew it was possible for me to overcome this illness.   Thus my discovery of the world of healing and energy therapies began.

I found a healing centre in South London and after several sessions of healing, my condition improved and shortly after, completely cleared up and I no longer needed any medication. I was so impressed that I spent the next 15 years there, training, qualifying and working as a full healer member of the NFSH, I gained lots of experience in giving healing to many different types of people from all walks of life with a broad spectrum of emotional, mental and physical conditions and delighted in their progress.

In 2012, I knew it was time to fulfill my dream to live in Dorset, I relocated from South London to Bournemouth to continue expanding my experience and understanding of energy therapies.

I discovered EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – and tried the therapy on myself and was so impressed with the results that I trained and became a qualified therapist.   The natural progression for me was then to find Matrix Reimprinting which derives itself from EFT.  In the usual way, I experimented on myself first and was blown away by the results and again, I then trained and qualified in Matrix Reimprinting & NLP. And so the journey continues and I welcome you to join me in exploring your own issues and concerns as you enter the world of energy medicine and experience for yourself how it can help you. 

https://www.therapy- directory.org.uk/therapists/louise- french