Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is NLP?

Neuro (neurology) is how we think. Linguistic (language)  is how we communicate both verbally and non-verbally. Programming (conditioning) is our behaviour patterns and emotions.

NLP is like a handbook for our brain. It comprises of a collectionImage result for NLP Pictures of helpful exercises and techniques that we can use to be more in charge of our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Our thoughts and feelings shape our experience of the world. Changing the patterns of our thoughts, feelings and actions changes how we experience our world.

NLP provides techniques that can be used to enable us to  choose our behaviours, emotional states and physical states of well-being. It works on the understanding that there is a positive intention motivating every behaviour.

It can help with numerous issues including:-

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          • Anxiety
          • Anger
          • Confidence
          • Stress
          • Habits & Compulsions
          • Grief
          • Unhappy Relationships
          • Bad Decisions
          • Unhappy Memories
          • Fears & Phobias
          • Depression
          • Lack of motivation


What can I expect from a session?

An NLP session comprises of identifying what you would like to change and the challenges you would like to overcome.  These details determine how the elements of the session are put together for you.

The practitioner will then lead and encourage you to explore different ways of thinking about the situation to bring in a new perspective. 

Helpful techniques and exercises can then be introduced during the session that are used to establish a shift in awareness, attitude and approach.  It is beneficial to continue practicing these techniques at home in order to further re-enforce these new shifts in awareness and allow them to become familiar.  It is often found that the changes progress over time, within the context of your everyday life.

NLP places strong emphasis on focussing on future possibilities and solutions rather than exploring past memories or experiences. It seeks to add opportunities and new perceptions. It leads us to focus on what we really want and move our attention away from what we don’t want.






A demonstration of an NLP technique below



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